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Stranco Company History

Since 1998, STRANCO SOLID WASTE MGMT CO LLC, a permitted and DEQ compliant one-of-a-kind solid waste transfer station, has been effectively helping businesses and residents in St Tammany Parish, Louisiana dispose of solid waste including household garbage, construction and demolition debris, and other non-hazardous trash.

Stranco Solid Waste Mgmt Co LLC added a second more modern transfer station facility to meet the growing needs of St Tammany’s garbage disposal. Additionally, Stranco Solid Waste has expanded its business endeavor to not only include this second transfer station in St Tammany Parish but Stranco Solid Waste has also taken over the operation of a transfer station facility in New Iberia, Louisiana. All of our facilities are equipped to handle large amounts of garbage as it is transferred from businesses and homes to our transfer stations and ultimately moved to the appropriated state-certified landfills.

Stranco Solid Waste Mgmt Co LLC will go above and beyond to guarantee that our solid waste transfer stations are properly operated to ensure cost-effective solutions to waste disposal as the waste deposited is efficiently moved from our facility to its final destination. The use of our transfer stations result in monetary and environmental savings for the communities that we serve such as reduced transportation cost, labor, fuel, air emissions, energy use, and vehicle maintenance.

In recent years, Stranco Solid Waste’s continuous progression has included a roll-off division and a frontload division. This expansion has allowed us to provide our customers with more ways to dispose of their non-hazardous garbage and trash.

If you have any questions regarding our transfer stations, please call us today. For general questions including pricing, Sharon will be glad to help you at 985-893-0322. For all other questions, the corporate office number is 985-893-5308 or 1-800-940-5308.